Version History is all the things that change in Moshi Village.


1.7 - 19th May 2014Edit

Loads of new Moshi-tastic new features for you to enjoy!

  • New mini-game! Check out the new Moshi Arcade and visit it to play Flappy Quack!
  • Mr. Moshi's coming to town! Pay close attention to your town Villagers, as Mr. Moshi is visiting players with some urgent tasks that can net you awesome prizes!
  • How cool is your Village? Rate your friends Villages with a grade and improve your own rank if your Village get a high score.
  • Bug fixes and optimization improvements to make your game run more smoothly.

Please Note: To play this game with this update, players need iOS 5.0 or above.

1.6 - 2nd April 2014Edit

  • Various bug fixes and optimisations.

1.5.1 - 17th March 2014Edit

  • Fixed a critical bug preventing players from getting into the game.

1.5 - 11th March 2014Edit

  • We're looking for the most creative Villages in the Moshi-verse! Checkout the new Flagpole and tell us what Grade your village is!
  • Hiii-ya! Someone told me a new set of Moshlings will be available soon, but who could it be?
  • Bug Fixes and Improvements.

1.4 - 24th January 2014Edit

  • Additional bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • Find friends with easewhen connecting with Facebook!
  • You can now have up to 40 friends so you can collect Mr. Snoodle!

1.3 - 18th December 2013Edit

  • Visit the amazing Moshi Movie Cinema and get free coins!
  • Bug fixes and improvements.
  • Ask your friends for their friend code and get rare Moshlings for free!
  • Need more Gloop? Send and receive it for free from friends!

1.0.0 - 1st July 2013Edit

  • Initial release.

1.0.1 - 10th September 2013Edit

  • Struggling to level up? Decorations now give XP when purchased.
  • Weekly events and items!
  • Upgrade to large houses with coins!
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.